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3D Matterport Virtual Tours to the rescue of the Real Estate Industry!

To all individuals in this beautiful Real Estate Industry,

As a Real Estate Photography service provider that help Realtors & Brokers sell their listings in 4 different states, we have mastered the right way to showcase the listings. The little things from making the sky blue, the grass greener and the white ceilings to finding the proper angle to show the open space and the full potential of what a beautiful home it could be to the buyer, We have done it all for many years. We have learned what works and what doesn't.

With that said, We have many tools and the latest technology always available in our arsenal to do the job right. One of them is the very beautiful technology called "Matterport", The 3D Virtual Tour. aka "Open house 24/7" , "Be everywhere, From anywhere".

We invested thousands of dollars in this technology many years ago as one of the very first Matterport service Parnter on Long Island, New York (Which now is available from us in New York, New Jersey, Kentucky & Tennessee). We believed in what it stood for. To be able to have your listing online so it can be viewed by any potential buyer regardless of where your listing is to where the potential buyer is located. For the audience to be able to walk around the property as they were there. I mean this was a no brainer! This blew my mind and I fell in love with it instantly! A lot of smart realtors that I knew too got excited and my positive energy toward this technology spreaded, We did hundreds of homes on Long Island and this became the new best thing in the industry!

Years go by, COVID-19 came around. The pandemic that changed many people lives and it also impacted our beautiful industry. Our company was also closed for a couple of weeks and most people stayed home to sit back and to be a non-essential. Things changed when the realtors were considered essential. The most hard working people I have a pleasure to work with, start to look for the new way to conduct business, the new way to keep assisting home buyers & sellers. Then some of you discover this new old technology that has been available to us.

I am very thankful for this technology and I truly believe this is what has saved us all. This is what has helped buyers and sellers to be able to sell & buy safely & efficiently. The spike we have had in the last months for 3D Matterport demand I believe is here to stay. Be smart, Be safe and use the technology that's available to continue being successful in doing what you do best, Assist the buyers and sellers in this market.

Thank you all for reading my love for this beautiful technology.

Arkar San Wai - CEO of EPM Real Estate Photography

You can see the video of Matterport 3D Virtual Tour by EPM Real Estate Photography below.

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