We’re on a mission to help you market your listings better.

Our goal is to elevate your real estate marketing with high-quality visuals and innovative solutions, making your listings stand out and attract more buyers

The story behind how our company was founded

Our company was born from a passion for capturing the beauty of real estate and a vision to revolutionize property marketing. With years of industry experience, we are dedicated to providing top-notch photography services that highlight the unique charm of every home.

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2017 / Founded EPM

In 2017, EPM was founded with a vision to redefine property marketing through innovative and high-quality visual content. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to helping real estate professionals showcase their listings in the best light possible.

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2020 / Rapid Growth

In 2020, EPM experienced rapid growth, expanding our team from 3 to over 10 members and opening two new locations in New Jersey and Florida. This expansion allowed us to better serve our clients and continue our mission of delivering exceptional real estate photography.

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2024 / 10,000 Homes Per Year

By 2024, EPM proudly reached a milestone of photographing 10,000 homes per year. Our commitment to excellence has helped countless real estate professionals elevate their property listings

We have impactful results

We deliver impactful results that significantly enhance the marketability of your property listings. Our high-quality visuals attract more buyers and drive faster sales.


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The values that drive everything we do

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We strive to stay ahead of industry trends to provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions that make their listings stand out."

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By investing in continuous learning and skill development, we guarantee exceptional service and innovative solutions for our clients.

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Our cohesive team works together to deliver outstanding results, ensuring every project benefits from our collective expertise and dedication

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We strive to provide user-friendly solutions and support to make high-quality real estate photography available to everyone.

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